Virus Tensei Kara Isekai Kansen Monogatari Ch. 48 – A Weightless Tactic

 I rushed to an adventurer’s party and several monsters.

   They’re fighting in an open passage.

 Is the monster side dominant in the battle situation?

 Two of the six adventurers have already fallen by the wall and are not moving.

 It’s unclear whether they’re dead or have fainted.

 Apparently the scream belonged to the adventurer.

 It’s a pity that it wasn’t Elena.

 No, shouldn’t I be glad she wasn’t in a pinch?

 There’s no difference that it was out of the question nyway.

 Although I was disappointed, I decided to help the adventurers.

 They were attacked by dark skinned trolls.

 Two horns grow from the temporal region.

 Is it an enhanced species of troll?

 The feeling of intimidation released is also different.

 The adventurer party that dove into this level struggles. 

 They must be a strong enemy.

 Well, that doesn’t matter.

 It got in my path in a hurry.

 I will give it what it deserves. 

 I wasn’t worried that I would lose.

 It may be because of [Combat Instincts I] and [Intuition I].

 As I was about to jump in front of the troll, I realized that my weapon was broken.

 That’s right, in the battle so far, it was destroyed in no time.

 The weapons of the adventurers could be taken, but I feel that they would be destroyed soon. 

 It’s not efficient at all.

 It would be nice if it was a sturdy and affordable weapon.

 I was thinking a little, and then I clapped my hands.

(――Should I make do without it?)

At the same time as the flash of inspiration, [Sharp Claws I] and [Grappling Claw I] develop.

Then the tattered gauntlet was torn and hardened claws came out.

It felt better than I thought.

It seemed that it could be used as a weapon. 

In addition, I made my whole body hairy with [Blade-Resistant Hair I] so that I wouldn’t get caught.

Now that I’ve fought in such a reckless manner, I won’t be associated with Walker Parazeet.

Now that the problem has been resolved, I run towards the trolls.

Since even a normal species is a powerful monster, you can’t be careless or sloppy.

While carrying out the viral infection by breathing out, I tore off a face close to me with a claw.

Just in case, I don’t forget to send electricity into the wound with [Electrocution I].

>Symptom Acquired [Shock Resistance I]

>Symptom Acquired [Natural Regeneration II]

>Symptom Acquired [Vitality II]

>Symptom Acquired [Hardened Skin II]

>Symptom Acquired [Durability II]

The troll, who was struck by surprise, foams from the mouth while convulsing. 

Its eyes burst and white smoke rose.

The troll falls on its back.

Was the output a little too high?

Well, it’s just about right because it’s a tough monster.

The other trolls are furious.

They number three individuals. 

I used [Magic Thread I] to shoot a sticky thread from my fingertips.

The thread enters the mouth of a troll that has a wide opening as it approaches.

The back of the troll’s throat is blocked and it stops.

It desperately tries to breathe, but the sticky thread does not allow it.

I run up to the defenseless troll and slash its larynx with my claws.

The troll collapsed while sprinkling fresh blood.

The remaining two trolls attack at the same time.

I completely ignored the adventurer.

It seems that they were regarded as a threat that needed to be prioritized. 

This is convenient for me.

 I developed [Electromagnetic Discharge I].

 The feeling of my physical abilities being raised by the electricity in my body runs. 

 The two clubs approaching from different directions flew in the air, and I focused my attention to the fingertips of one hand.

 A pale light is produced with a crackling sound. 

 The light stretched like a laser beam and penetrated the troll’s forehead. 

 I twist my body in the air, put centrifugal force on it and cut off the finger of another troll with a claw.

The troll drops the club and backs off. 

I tear its knee with my claws and have it kneel, then I skewer its heart at the end. 

 It tried to uselessly struggle by scratching my foot, so I burned them down with [Magic Power Generation I] and [Electrocution Ⅰ].

 After this, the troll stopped moving and died.

 I pull out my claws and sigh.

 Maybe because I was using all the symptoms of the system that improves physical performance, I was able to beat it quickly.

 Is it like this when you fight around without hesitation?

 I’m losing more and more of my humanity.

 I suddenly feel a gaze on me.

 There were adventurers who were taken aback.

 Yes, I helped you a little, so I’ll ask you a few questions.

“Have…you…seen…a…girl…with…brown… hair…and…leather…armor?” 

 The adventurer’s shook their heads in silence.


 I hurried past them to the end of the hall.

 I don’t have time to accompany them, so I left them alone.

 It’s not my job to go out of my way to find you a safe place.

 I ignored the voices calling from behind and left the place quickly.

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