Virus Tensei Kara Isekai Kansen Monogatari Ch. 44 – Growth of a New Adventurer


Elena, raising a sharp voice, swung her sword at a sideward angle.
It was a clean slash, one that matched with her breathing.

Her opponent, the Lizardman, used his wooden shield to block the attack.

The blade collided with the shield, killing its momentum, which left the Lizardman unharmed.

It had some pretty good reactions, it defended itself well enough, while also not giving any ground.

However, Elena responded to this.

While twisting her wrist on her sword-hand, she flicked the sword away to the Lizardman’s side.

It was a good move, one that made full use of her opponent’s physical power.

The Lizardman’s false sense of security had now exposed its chest, which Elena had sent an explosive kick towards.

The Lizardman recoiled backwards, but without pausing Elena unsheathed a dagger, thrusting it directly towards the Lizardman’s neck.

The blade pierced directly into the Lizardman’s throat, breaking the scales on the surface.

When the blade had been pulled out, blood began to gush from the wound.

Obviously, this was a fatal wound.

What had surprised me was Elena’s dexterity, she hadn’t missed the opportunity and ended up landing a decisive blow.

Staggering backwards, the Lizardman swung with its spear.

The trajectory was aimed towards Elena’s face, while the speed and accuracy of the swing were unlike those of someone who was currently dying.

Elena parried the blow by holding the tip of her knife towards the oncoming spear, with sparks bursting out as the metal collided.

The Lizardman’s attack had missed by a hair’s breadth, and the Lizardman, whose last-ditch effort had failed, collapsed on the spot as blood leaked from its neck.

“I did it! I was able to beat one all by myself!”

Seeing the defeated Lizardman, Elena was pleased.

A sense of fulfillment welled up inside of her, which in turn made me happy to see, as I leaked out a smile.

Shortly after the battle with the Fae, Elena had regained consciousness.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with her physical condition, and no more traces of the mind-altering magic could be seen.

The symptoms I’d triggered had worked surprisingly well.

She was confused by the whole situation, so I gave a rough explanation of what had happened.

After I showed Elena the Dark Fae I’d kept, she informed me it was a Demon known as an Imp.

It’s a type of fairy, one that’s good at mental attacks and creating traps.

Having seen their abilities first hand, I was well aware of their abilities.

They really were troublesome enemies.

After Elena had fully awoken, we checked on the arrow trap and treasure trap.

From our investigation, we discovered numerous small crossbows installed into the wall, ready to be fired at anyone who got close enough.

Quite the vicious trap.

The adventurer’s corpse in the tunnel’s entrance had been hit by these, and then was swarmed by the Imps.

I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for them.

As I thought about it, I wondered how adventurers usually dealt with these types of traps.

Perhaps they had a member with a skill designed to find them.

If even a single person could detect the trap, they could create countermeasures in advance to deal with it.

It was understandable that they’d form parties around that.

At the same time, I also understood why Elena wouldn’t be able to join them.

In a profession that routinely dived into such dangerous dungeons, having a Village Girl with no abilities would only be detrimental.

It’s sad to say it, but they’re risking their lives when tackling a dungeon.

Naturally, they’d want as many experienced people as possible.

Digressing from that, it seemed that the loot inside of the treasure chest had all been collected by the Imps.

Some of the items inside belonged to adventurers, so it stood to reason that the Imps had been collecting their gear in order to build more traps.

Surprisingly, the Imps weren’t an enemy to be underestimated.

It’d be a waste of money to leave the gear, so I took all of it with the intention to sell it back in town.

The wall at the dead end turned out to be crudely constructed dirt, which collapsed easily when kicked.

To summarize, the Imps had hastily built a wall to set up a trap, which explained why the map did not match with the terrain.

Supposedly, Imps were among the smartest denizens of the dungeon.

It wasn’t difficult to grasp this, seeing what they’d done up until now.

I’d need to exercise some caution in order to avoid getting hurt, so I’d need to be wary of traps in the future.

Afterwards, we resumed exploration of the third level.

Elena had requested to lead the way, to which I acquiesced. 

She was frustrated that she’d been unconscious during the Imp battle, and although I worried slightly for her safety, I felt it’d hurt her too much to outright reject her wishes.

I left the battles to Elena, while the risk wouldn’t be too high as I could warn her appropriately whenever it was necessary.

Elena also had several symptoms.

To be more specific, she had [Luck I], [Dexterity II], [Combat Instincts I], and several other symptoms relating to resistances.

While I had stronger symptoms, I felt that too much help wouldn’t be beneficial for her, so I kept it at just those ones.

None of them would significantly improve her fighting ability, but they definitely had an effect.

In fact, Elena had been able to defeat a Lizardman single-handedly.

Through the correction of [Dexterity II] and [Combat Instincts I], perhaps she had begun to get the hang of it.

This was a positive trend, and I hoped that she’d continue to raise her strength from the ground up. 

“Parazeet-san! We should kill even more Demons!”

“That’s, right.”

Elena’s mood had also brightened.

She must’ve begun to understand how intuitive combat was.

I retrieved the Lizardman’s armor while also calming her down, as it seemed that she’d rush on ahead if I left her to her own devices.

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